Painting Contractors Near Me Know My Time Is Important

One of the main concerns of every homeowner hiring painting contractors near me is: “How long will the job take?”

This question doesn’t beg for a “one-size-fits-all” answer because it depends on many variables. However, we know that time is money. In a paint project, “time is money” may differ for the parties involved. For the customer, more time required to get the project done could mean more expenses to shoulder. But for the contractor, the same could mean more money to earn.

The most usual standards to establish on the project’s timeline are the size of the building and its condition. Is it a new or an already existing building? Do you have many rooms to be painted? Does the home have many surface issues and structural damage to be repaired? These are the variables to consider. So, you should consider and budget time for these variables expected to come along in the project.

Time management is essential in a paint project. If the painting contractors cannot complete the project due to the absence of time management, it could lead to more expenses on the part of the customer.

You want the job to be finished right the first time as time is necessary. So, it helps to have a qualified painting contractor as they have the skills, experience, and proper tools to do the job right and per the schedule.

Preparing the site for painting

You will find out that specific tasks, such as cleaning and preparing the surfaces, usually eat a lot of time. Issues that require a lot of cleaning, repairing, caulking, sanding, and priming (optional) could take more time. Again, you should consider the size and the condition of the building. The bigger the building and the more surface issues it has, the longer it would take to complete the work.

Moving out furniture, removing wall decor, and protecting certain surfaces before surface preparation can also take a bit of time, depending on how much furniture and wall decor are present. This job also requires using drop cloths and painter’s tape – the more surfaces you need to cover, the longer it will take to complete it.

The task of preparing the area for painting is very doable by non-painters, so if you want to save time and money, consider doing the job yourself. You can discuss with your painting contractor whether you will be allowed to participate in the preparation before they arrive at your site to paint.

Painting process

Once the site is ready, the painting itself should be considered. The job can be quick and easy or a drag, depending on the type of paints used:

  • Latex paints dry faster than their oil-based counterparts. It usually takes around 1 hour until the first coat feels no longer damp to the touch and 4 hours until they can apply the next coat over the first coat.
  • Oil-based paints typically require around 6 to 8 hours until the first coat feels dry to the touch. It will be 24 hours before they should apply the second coat.

Don’t forget the weather conditions, especially if you plan to paint outside. The temperature and humidity will also affect how long the paint will take to dry. If you live in an area with low temperatures and high humidity, there’s a great chance that it will take much longer for the paint to dry completely. So, it would help if you considered these factors when discussing the project with your contractor.

Other variables

Weather is one major factor that can affect the progress of a paint project, particularly an exterior painting project. At times, the weather can be unpredictable. So, if an exterior paint project is to be done, weather like rain or snow can delay the day’s plan pretty fast, as these elements can affect the paint’s drying time.

If you’re painting an old house or other existing structure, the risk of encountering unforeseen problems of the building – such as wood rot – that need to be repaired should always be expected. The painting contractor will want to deal with any “surprise” issues in the structure before painting, which means additional time is required. You should take that possibility into account, too.

As you’re focusing on time, please make sure that the team of painters:

  1. Arrive on time.
  2. Leave on time.
  3. Pay attention to the agreed-upon end of the project.
  4. Take a reasonable lunchtime.
  5. Should not waste or delay time.
  6. Estimate the scope of the job properly.
  7. Know the best time of day to paint.
  8. It should not cause problems to come back to fix something missed.

No painting project is the same. The variables will always affect the timeline of every painting project. That’s why it’s essential to recognize these variables and plan what’s anticipated from the finished product to establish a realistic and attainable goal. Always be careful and allow some elbow room when setting a project timeline with your painting contractors near me. Contact Custom Painting, Inc. for a free estimate and more advice on setting realizable goals for paint projects.