Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen cabinets provide both functional and aesthetic benefits. They protect your food supplies, utensils, and appliances from dirt, grime, heat, moisture, and pests. Having cabinets in the kitchen in Concord, CA, homes makes storing, organizing, and having access to these items a lot easier.

Kitchen cabinets also make the cornerstone of your kitchen style. You may not need to paint the walls or replace the backsplash tiles of your kitchen counters. Since cabinets take up much of a kitchen’s physical and visual space, painting them alone can dramatically transform the look of your kitchen.

Unfortunately, kitchen cabinets also take a lot of abuse from everyday traffic. Opening, closing, cleaning, handling, resisting any impact from the outside, and enduring heat and humidity that can cause scratches, dents, fading paint, peeling paint, and a lot more. That’s why they deserve some “love” by repainting them.

If you want to handle the kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing work with a professional painter, hire help from Custom Painting Inc. Our over four decades of experience in the industry, commitment to quality work, unparalleled customer service, and solid reputation speak for us. We will help you in choosing colors, finishes, and designs to refresh the look of your kitchen cabinets and, in a way, dramatically transform the look of your kitchen.

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Reasons for kitchen painting and refinishing

Painting and refinishing kitchen cabinets is a popular home improvement project for several reasons:

  • Cost-effective alternative to cabinet replacement – Refinishing cabinets is significantly less expensive than replacing them. It allows for a fresh look without the high cost of new cabinetry.
  • An update to your kitchen’s look – Over time, the appearance of cabinets can become dated or worn. Refinishing provides an opportunity to update the style, color, and finish to match current design trends or personal preferences.
  • Increased home value – A kitchen remodel, even a minor one such as refinishing cabinets, can significantly increase the value of your home. A fresh, modern-looking kitchen is a key selling point for potential buyers.
  • Eco-friendly option – By refinishing cabinets instead of replacing them, you contribute to reducing waste. Keeping the existing cabinetry out of landfills helps the environment.
  • Time efficiency – Compared to a full cabinet replacement, refinishing is much quicker. It can often be completed in a fraction of the time, minimizing the disruption to your daily life.
  • Customization – Refinishing allows for customization in terms of color, finish, and hardware. This flexibility lets homeowners create a unique look that reflects their personal style.
  • Enhanced durability – The refinishing process often includes repairing minor damages and reinforcing the structure, which can extend the life of your cabinets.
  • Reduced mess and disruption – Unlike a full kitchen remodel, refinishing cabinets is less invasive and creates less mess, making it a more convenient option for many homeowners.

A kitchen painting and refinishing project can rejuvenate the heart of your kitchen and the rest of your home, making them feel brighter, cleaner, and more welcoming without the need for a complete overhaul.

Repainting kitchen cabinet doors with white chalk paint indoors at home

Custom Painting, Inc.’s cabinet refinishing and repainting services

Refinishing kitchen cabinets is a cost-effective way to give your kitchen a fresh look without the expense and disruption of a full kitchen remodel. Custom Painting, Inc. offers various options for refinishing kitchen cabinets:

  • Painting – This is the most common method for updating kitchen cabinets. It allows for a wide range of colors and can dramatically change the look of your kitchen. High-quality paint and a good primer can ensure a smooth, durable finish. It’s important to prepare the surface properly by cleaning, sanding, and priming the cabinets before painting.
  • Staining – If you have solid wood cabinets and want to keep the natural look of wood, staining can be a good option. Staining can enhance the color and grain of wood. You can choose from a variety of stain colors, from light to dark, to match your kitchen decor. Like painting, preparation is key to achieving a good result.
  • Varnishing – All cabinets should have some kind of varnish applied to them to keep them looking great for years. However, the choice of varnish to be used depends on the nature of the cabinet and paint.
  • Glazing – Glazing refers to applying a semi-transparent color over the already-painted or stained finish to surfaces. This will give your kitchen cabinets added depth and dimension.
  • Lacquer – Lacquer is a hard and shiny coating that protects your kitchen cabinets from scuffs, scratches, and stains. The good thing about lacquer is that it can be easily removed if it gets damaged.
  • Refacing – Cabinet refacing involves replacing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts while keeping the existing cabinet boxes. This can be a great option if the structure of your cabinets is still solid but you want to update the look. Refacing also allows you to change the door style and add new hardware, giving your kitchen a completely new appearance.
  • Veneering – This method involves applying a thin layer of wood or laminate veneer over the existing cabinet boxes. It’s a way to change the look of your cabinets without completely replacing them. Veneering can be a bit more complex and may require professional installation, but it offers a wide range of finishes and looks.
  • Adding new hardware – Sometimes, simply changing out the hardware (handles, knobs, pulls) can make a big difference in the overall look of your kitchen. This is often done in conjunction with painting or staining but can also be an effective standalone update.

Custom Painting, Inc.’s cabinet refinishing process

Custom Painting, Inc., usually follows the steps below in transforming dated or worn-out kitchen cabinets to make them look completely new:

  • Remove the door, drawers, and hardware.
  • Clean, wash, or degrease cabinet surfaces to be painted.
  • Scuff-sand the cabinet surfaces to be painted.
  • Apply the cabinets with a good-quality primer. Allow the primer to dry.
  • Once the primer has completely dried, fine sand the cabinets to get rid of bumps, dust, lint, or grooves that appear on the surface. This will make the surfaces smooth.
  • Apply the first coat of paint (or other finishing material) to the surface, typically in the direction of the wood grain. Apply another coat if necessary.
  • Allow the finishing coat to dry (or other finishing material to set). If you’re using paint, let it dry for at least 24 hours. The longer the drying time, the better the finish will become.
  • Reassemble the cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware. New hardware might be installed if necessary.
  • Clean up the workspace and do the final walkthrough and inspection.

Why choose Custom Painting, Inc.?

Each of these kitchen cabinet refinishing options has its own set of advantages, costs, and levels of difficulty. The best choice depends on your budget, the current condition of your cabinets, and the desired look for your kitchen. 

Custom Painting, Inc. will help you choose the best refinishing option for your kitchen cabinets, as well as deliver the refinishing process itself – whether it is painting, staining, veneering, etc. – to breathe new life into your old and outdated kitchen cabinets.

Here are a few good reasons why you should choose us to refresh the look and enhance the durability of your kitchen cabinets:

  • We will get the job right on the first go.
  • We bring years of experience, as well as quality paints and tools, to deliver a durable and long-lasting finish to your kitchen cabinets.
  • You can always expect high-quality results from us.
  • We always provide a written guarantee once the project is done.

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