Concrete Ceiling Repair

Many commercial properties in Concord, CA, especially multi-story ones, are built with concrete. Concrete helps reinforce structures and regulate a room’s temperature. 

Concrete ceilings are excellent building choices for many commercial buildings, primarily for their load-bearing properties. But like many other building materials, concrete is not spared from stains or deterioration, especially if left untreated. 

Suppose you notice stains or signs of deterioration in your concrete ceiling. In that case, an underlying problem usually needs to be addressed, such as water intrusion, excessive weight, poor installation, or a poor foundation that makes the structure more vulnerable to earthquakes.

Professional concrete ceiling repair by the best painters in Concord, CA, may be necessary to keep the problems from becoming worse, prevent structural damage, and restore your ceiling’s original look and appeal. Whether your concrete ceiling has stains or noticeable signs of deterioration, professional interior painting contractors at Custom Painting, Inc. expertly address the problems to restore your commercial ceiling to its original appearance and condition.

Importance of concrete ceiling maintenance

Concrete ceilings are the usual features in multi-story commercial buildings. However, they have become increasingly popular among multi-story residential properties as well. Concrete ceilings bring unique robustness and excellent temperature-regulating properties to spaces that lean more toward contemporary or industrial aesthetics. 

But again, concrete structures are not spared from stains or deterioration, especially if left untreated. Concrete that is not properly maintained can become brittle and weakened over time, resulting in dangerous structural failures such as sagging walls or collapsing ceilings. These hazards put properties and people at risk, so always keeping your concrete structures safe and stable is vital.

Common issues with concrete ceilings

Here are the signs that can help you determine whether your concrete ceiling is in trouble and needs to be repaired:

  • Stains – Stains in your concrete ceiling are most likely caused by leaks. You may have problems with your roofing or plumbing from the space above it. If left untreated, these leaks can lead to structural and electrical damage (if there are electricity lines running along or over the ceiling).
  • Cracks – Whether the cracks are minor or running along the ceiling’s length, they should be seen as a thing of concern. If left unaddressed, these cracks can become worse, undermining the strength of your concrete ceiling. They may be caused by moisture, excessive weight from the space above, or foundational problems. 
  • Spalling – Also known as scaling, spalling is a common issue of concrete and masonry (such as bricks and stones). This is where a portion of a concrete surface peels, chips, or breaks away. Damage caused by concrete spalling usually extends to the top layers of the reinforcing steel within a structure. 

Common issues with concrete ceilings

Our concrete ceiling repair services

Custom Painting, Inc. has what it takes to deliver successful concrete ceiling repair. We can address concrete ceiling cracks of different conditions:

  • Small or large cracks
  • Vertical or horizontal cracks
  • Shallow or deep cracks
  • Localized or widespread cracks

One of the products we usually use is a concrete crack sealant. It is formulated for cracks up to ½ inch wide in horizontal concrete surfaces. The sealant has the color of concrete and is self-leveling, so you don’t have trouble smoothing it out to flush it with the surrounding surface. We also use other concrete repair mix products, such as latex patching material or epoxy compounds.

For widespread and deeper cracks, replacement is the most likely solution. Installing a new concrete ceiling may address cracks that go all over the current slab. Slabs can either be prefabricated and delivered to the site or can be poured on-site.

For water-stained concrete ceilings, we usually identify the root cause of the problem, such as damaged roofing or leaky pipes, and address it before cleaning, repairing, preparing, and painting the ceiling.

We usually clean the spalled area, remove loose concrete, coat rusted steel bars, and apply a repair material mixture to the damaged ceiling for concrete ceilings suffering from spalling damage. Then, we allow the repair material mixture to cure properly. Finally, we coat the repaired surface with new paint.

Our repair process

  • Assessment – Our crew assesses the condition of your concrete ceiling by identifying areas of wear and tear, cracks, spalling, etc., to help them determine the necessary repairs, preparation, and paint steps.
  • Repair techniques – Depending on the type of damage, our crew uses different approaches to address issues occurring in your concrete ceiling.
    • Minor, shallow, and localized cracks – Sealing them with a concrete sealer or concrete repair material mix.
    • Large, deep, and widespread cracks – Replacement of the affected concrete area with a new concrete slab.
    • Water stains – Identify the root cause of stains (such as roof leaks), then repair, prepare, and paint the ceiling surface.
    • Spalling – Cleaning the spalled area, removing loose concrete, cleaning and coating corroded steel bars, and then repairing the damaged area before painting it.
  • Safety measures – Our crew is aware that painting a commercial building involves compliance with various health and safety guidelines. We keep the work areas well-ventilated, and all safety precautions are followed to prevent accidents and injuries. We also ensure that the work areas are contained to avoid as much disruption to business operations as possible.

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