T1-11 Siding Painting

T1-11 Siding Painting

If you haven’t heard of T1-11 siding, it was once a popular siding material. It is a wood or wood-based siding that can be modified into many styles, including clapboard to batten.

T1-11 siding is available in two options: 

  • Plywood – This type of T1-11 siding is made from plywood materials. Generally speaking, this option stands up better to weather elements.
  • Oriented strand board (OSB) — OSB has the appearance of its plywood counterpart, but it is actually made from wood flakes combined and pressed together to form a whole panel. Unlike plywood, OSB doesn’t stand up well to moisture exposure, as moisture can seep in between the melded wood flakes, thus weakening the siding. This leads to surface issues such as peeling and cracks.

Like many other types of siding, T1-11 is commonly used in homes, sheds, and outbuildings. It is also used in some small commercial buildings. However, its popularity has fallen in recent decades, despite its versatility and affordability. It’s because T1-11 is prone to take a serious hit from moisture, leading to problems like mold and rot.

If your home or commercial building in Concord, CA is built with T1-11 siding, you may have understood its unique features, strengths and especially weaknesses, and that it needs regular maintenance by the best painters in Concord, CA to keep it aesthetically and structurally sound.

All commercial buildings require professional upkeep and maintenance. Custom Painting, Inc. works with different types of siding, including the T1-11. We repair and paint or stain your T1-11 siding to restore its appearance and ultimately extend the life of your commercial building.

Our services

Our expert paint team from Custom Painting, Inc. typically follows the process steps below in painting and restoring T1-11 siding. 

  1. Inspection and preparation – Our crew examines the T1-11 for damage like cracks and holes. Once the problem areas are detected, they start preparing the surfaces – cleaning, drying out, and making the necessary repairs, sanding, and priming before painting. Our crew also prepares the work area by covering doors, windows, decks, flower beds, etc. with drop cloths or plastic sheeting.
  2. Color consultation and selection – Our color consultants discuss with clients about the colors to be used for the siding. Custom Painting, Inc. explores different color options and takes the design aspects of your property as the basis for your color choices. Then our consultants produce samples and conduct testing to help clients observe how colors change with the existing elements and lighting conditions. Once all the color options are sampled and evaluated, both parties reach a final decision on the agreed-upon color palette.
  3. Professional painting – Our crew paints the cleaned and prepared T1-11 siding through the chosen application method, such as brushing, rolling or spraying (which is the most preferred). Then they do some touch-ups or detailed paint work if required. Custom Painting, Inc. has a unique painting process from start to finish to ensure that the surfaces are thoroughly painted from top to bottom.
  4. Quality assurance – Our team does the final walkthrough and inspection to make sure that work has been carried out to industry standards and to the complete satisfaction of our clients. We always stand behind our work with a warranty, which should cover any workmanship defects and errors.

T1-11 siding painting

Why you should try T1-11 siding painting

Commercial buildings age over time, so they need regular paint and general maintenance to keep them in good shape. If your commercial building is sided with T1-11, it requires regular painting for moisture protection and aesthetic maintenance.

  • Improved aesthetics – Painting your T1-11 siding gives it a fresh and updated look that will boost your commercial building’s curb appeal and attract potential customers.
  • Enhanced durability and protection – As T1-11 siding is more vulnerable to moisture compared to other siding materials, it requires regular paint and overall maintenance to add a layer of durability and protection from moisture and other outside elements.
  • Maintained or increased property value – A fresh coat of paint to your commercial property maintains or potentially increases its value. Keeping your commercial building clean, neat, and attractive is especially helpful if you plan to sell or lease it. Using a high-quality paint or stain and choosing a good color palette are some ways to maintain or potentially increase your commercial building’s resale or leasing value.

Choose us for your T1-11 siding painting needs!

Repainting your T1-11 siding can help it last longer, protect it against moisture, and restore and even enhance the look of your commercial building. 

Custom Painting, Inc. has over 40 years of experience in the paint service industry, so we have an extensive knowledge of every type of siding we have dealt with. We understand the nature of T1-11 siding, so we apply the best products and paint techniques to maintain its attractive appearance and longevity. You can entrust the cleaning, repairing, and painting of your T1-11 siding to us! Our licensed and insured team of painters use the right tools and correct techniques to restore your T1-11 siding to its original appearance, beauty, and integrity.

We offer competitive pricing based on the complexity of every project we tackle. We also provide a detailed and transparent quote upfront, so you know exactly what to expect. Whether it’s transforming interior spaces, revitalizing old commercial buildings, or refinishing doors and kitchen cabinets, Custom Painting, Inc. is dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

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