Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting Concord – Custom Painting Has All the Experience You Need

It’s a fact that running a business is demanding. Maintaining it is also demanding. Unless you run your business purely online, a considerable part of the maintenance goes to the upkeep of your commercial space. When you want a professional-looking update to your business, commercial painting in Concord, CA, is the answer.

It may look like a simple solution to paint your commercial property or facility on your own or hire a local painter. But there are many reasons it’s better to seek a professional commercial painter, such as Custom Painting, Inc.

One of the reasons is, of course, years of experience in the paint service industry. Experience is usually the first thing clients look for in a commercial painter. And with that experience, other desirable characteristics go along with it:

Commercial Painting

High-quality work

Experience does count, and the right professional painter like Custom Painting, Inc. has plenty of it. Experience will translate into excellent workmanship – a beautifully done paint job with attention to detail. Experienced painters will do nothing less than deliver the best job you deserve. When you hire skilled painters, expect them to do properly cleaned and prepared surfaces and a painting job guaranteeing a long-lasting finish.

Insured to protect you

All commercial painters in California should have liability insurance to protect their clients and employees from accidents and incidents during the project. When you hire experienced painters, there’s a good chance that they’re insured, too. Make sure you hire an insured painting contractor, Custom Painting, Inc., to paint your business.

We take safety seriously

One of the hallmarks of professional commercial painters is their importance to safety, especially when they’re on the job. As you can see, painting commercial properties can be a risky job. Falling off even a short ladder can break a bone, especially if you’re not following safety procedures. The risk is even greater when painting tall or large buildings. Commercial painters in Concord take safety very seriously because they’re shaped by experience and have encountered the latest on everything about occupational safety.

Custom Painting, Inc. adheres to safety precautions at all times and works to guidelines set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). We do extensive preparations before every paint job.

It saves you more time than you think

Time costs money. Usually, it can take over three or four weeks to finish painting only your home’s exterior if you do it independently. And you could end up costing more.

With the experience that we bring to the table, you can count on Custom Painting, Inc. to cut the work time down by half. We can quickly assess the most efficient way to paint an area or a structure and complete the work in less time.

Commercial Painting

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We hope these reasons will help you decide to hire not just any commercial painter – but the right commercial painter with all the experience you need.

Custom Painting, Inc. has over 40 years of experience providing residential and commercial painting services for towns and cities in and around the Bay Area. If you’d like to start a commercial painting in Concord, CA, project, you can contact us today to receive a free estimate. We promise you won’t regret using our services.