Hire a Licensed Painter Near Me – Roll on or Spray?

Starting a home painting project involves lots of decision-making, from painting techniques to choosing to hire a licensed painter near me. When painting your home’s interior or exterior, should you go for a paint sprayer or a paint roller? It’s one of the usual dilemmas that every DIYer encounters.


If you ask that question to the pros, they are likely to answer you with, “it depends.” Sometimes, they use both a paint sprayer and a paint roller. It will depend on the size and condition of the surfaces that require painting. The pros can help you determine which areas of your home should be painted with a paint sprayer or paint roller. Check out the benefits of spraying paint and rolling paint:


The benefits of spraying paint


If you’re painting large and flat areas that don’t require detailed work, spray painting tends to be the fastest way to do it.


Compared to rolling paint, spraying paint leaves no ugly lap marks, leading to a smooth and uniform finish. It also allows painters to apply more paint to the surface than rolling paint. 


While you can use a paint sprayer for interior and exterior surfaces, it is an ideal solution for most exterior painting projects. It also tends to be economical because it paints larger surfaces faster and much more efficiently than most painting techniques.


When the interior is empty, especially in the early stages of building or remodeling with no fixtures or installations yet on the walls whatsoever, it leaves a “canvas” that is perfect for spraying paint. You may mask off only a few particular areas, such as doors and windows, but you can otherwise spray the entire interior with abandon.


The benefits of rolling paint


If you’re painting in smaller areas, rolling paint tends to be the better option, particularly those that will need too much masking to be worth spraying. 


This technique is also ideal when it is too windy outside to spray paint, which would otherwise cause the paint to drift onto areas not intended to be painted, wasting a lot of paint in the process. This issue is called “overspray.” You can avoid it by choosing the rolling paint method instead.


You may also choose a roller if the house is occupied and has furniture in it. Using a roller would also be better if the paint is too thick, making it difficult to spray. Paint rollers are often used in conditions that are not ideal for spraying, such as sagging surfaces.


If you are painting walls and excluding the ceiling, rolling paint is better. There’s no need to use masking film on the ceiling when rolling walls.


Rolling paint is a better option, especially when staying within budget. For example, a high volume low pressure (HVLP) spray gun will cost about $60 and up, while an airless sprayer will cost around $200 and up. So, they will be significantly more expensive than paintbrushes and paint rollers. Paint sprayers also require maintenance, which can cost even more. In contrast, paint rolling requires no maintenance. All you need is a roller, a couple of roller naps, and a paint tray. These items are significantly less expensive compared to a paint sprayer. You may need to replace roller naps, but only after many uses or when the roller nap can no longer hold paint.


If you have more questions about whether it is better to roll or spray paint, or if you are want to hire licensed painters near me to paint your home or business, contact us at Custom Painting Inc. today or send us a request for a free estimate! Our team of expert painters would love to answer your questions regarding painting techniques that will work best for your specific painting needs.