House Painting Concord – Calming Colors to Use in a Nursery

When house painting in Concord, colors play a significant role in setting a particular mood to any space. According to psychologists, colors can have a significant effect on the psyche, influencing our moods, emotions, and overall well-being.

But choosing colors for your baby’s nursery is not rocket science at all! When painting a nursery, especially for the first time, you want to create a relaxing space for your little one. Therefore, choosing the right colors is a great place to start. All it takes is a little know-how, a can of paint, and the right tools to transform a drab space into a soothing sleep haven for your little bundle of joy.

First things first

As expecting parents, it’s only natural to feel the growing anticipation as you are about to have and bring your bundle of joy home. It’s also natural to be concerned about your soon-to-be newborn’s health and safety. As you are planning for your baby’s nursery, you should also consider the paints’ safety factor.

Conventional household paints are among the leading contributors to poor indoor air quality and exposure to toxins and carcinogens.

That’s why non-toxic paints are great options, especially when you’re careful about your baby’s exposure to chemicals from paints. However, eco-friendly, or “green” paint are the best investments. They are made with natural and organic ingredients and do not emit noxious odors and vapors. It helps to read this article to know more about “safe” paint:

Many couples choose to paint their nursery first before planning to have a baby – that is, if they have already had their homes tested for lead paint and have corrected any paint problems. Painting a room prior to planning will ensure that any fumes that are present will be dissipated before the baby comes home.

The best paint colors for the nursery

Painting a nursery is pretty much a personal project, so you can choose colors that you believe will create a relaxing and calming ambiance for your little one. You may want to consider the following paint color suggestions, but ultimately the choice is yours:

  • Subdued blues – Subtle shades of blue create a gentle and soothing effect. They are said to help in relaxing both body and mind. Light and medium shades of blue help reduce anxiety and lower heart rate. Since blue is a cool color, it is the best color for helping babies calm down and drift to sleep. The best shades of blue for the nursery include powder blue, aqua, duck egg, pale turquoise, and periwinkle.
  • Muted greens – Green has the nurturing power of nature, giving us the instinctive feeling of security that we, too, will grow and thrive in its presence. Green is a popular color for nurseries for its association with health and well-being. It also reduces anxiety, allowing for better concentration. Studies have even revealed that exposure to this color can improve reading ability! Some best shades of green include apple, aquamarine, mint, moss, sage, seafoam, and wintergreen.
  • Cozy pinks and purples – Pinks and purples are also classic color choices for a baby’s nursery, evoking a warm and cozy feeling. Go with pastel pinks and pale purples for the ultimate soft and warm comfort. Some standout pink and purple shades include pastel pink, peach pink, baby pink, lavender, and lilac.
  • Earthy neutrals – You love neutrals, but you are not sure if they are good colors to paint a nursery. Think again! Neutral shades provide a warm and grounding effect and can be excellent in creating a cozy atmosphere. Neutrals are also easy on the eyes, helping your baby’s peepers a rest, so they’re ready to sleep. Certain earthy shades allow you to introduce brighter accessories to your baby’s nursery. The best ones include taupe, light tan, light beige, and chocolate brown.
  • Soothing whites – White evokes a feeling of peace, serenity, and purity. However, white can also seem cold and clinical and may promote secretiveness. To create a soothing sanctuary for your baby, go for whites with warm undertones such as soft ivory, antique ivory, pearl white, cream, and vanilla. Whites with blue undertones can be overstimulating for your baby while they’re trying to sleep.
  • Contemplative grays – One of the best things about gray is that you can match it with any other color to brighten up a space and give it more character. It is a flexible color that will also stand the test of time. With a gray room, you don’t have to repaint it as your child grows up. You can swap out furniture and accessories or add a new accent color. On the psychological side, gray promotes thought, emotion, and contemplation. Go for light or medium grays such as dove gray, light blue-gray, or silver-gray. Avoid dark and stormy grays to keep the nursery from looking too gloomy.

House painting in Concord companies have years of experience with different types of paints and paint colors. Their expertise will make choosing colors for your baby’s nursery a lot easier and less stressful, thus preventing you from paying for costly color mistakes.