What Are the Best Surfaces to Paint to Add Curb Appeal?

So, you want to make your home the star of the neighborhood? Sprucing up your house’s exterior with a new coat of paint might just be the ticket! It’s not just about looking good—painting your home can protect it from the elements and boost its value. Whether you’re tackling the project yourself or thinking about bringing in the pros from Custom Painting Inc., a fresh paint job can completely transform the vibe of your place.

Exterior Wall

Obviously, the exterior wall is the surface that, when painted, can refresh the whole vibe of your property. Giving these walls a fresh coat of paint can turn heads. When picking colors, consider what works with your home’s design and the natural landscape around you.

Neutrals like grays, beiges, and whites are always in style and play nice with almost any environment. But if you’re feeling bold, why not a splash of color? Just make sure the paint you choose isn’t just pretty—it should also be tough enough to protect your house against whatever Mother Nature throws its way.


Your fence is more than just a boundary—it’s part of your home’s first impression. Whether it’s a quaint picket fence or a sturdy privacy barrier, giving it a good paint job can make your whole yard look more put together. Choosing the right color can also make a big difference.

Natural shades like greens and browns can complement your garden, while classic white or dramatic black can frame your yard in an eye-catching way. Remember to pick a paint or stain that’s up for the challenge of the outdoors, and don’t skip the primer—it’ll help your color cling on for longer and keep your fence looking fresh.

Front Door

Your front door is more than just an entryway—it can work as a statement piece that says a lot about your home. Giving your door a bold color can turn it into a real eye-catcher, welcoming everyone who steps up to your porch. Think vibrant reds, deep blues, or even sunny yellows.

But if bold isn’t your style, even a new coat of a classic hue can do wonders. Besides being stylish, the right paint on your door can shield it from the elements. So, whether you choose a bright pop of color or something more subdued, make sure it’s a paint that can handle the job.


painting the exterior of a brick suburban home

Painting brick might seem a bit daunting, but it can dramatically change the look and feel of your home. It’s a great way to modernize an older property or add flair to your exterior.

When painting brick, the key is to choose the right type of paint that lets the brick breathe to avoid moisture issues. Soft whites or grays can brighten up your home beautifully. Just remember, once you paint brick, it’s tough to go back to the natural look, so make sure you’re ready for a big change!


Shutters add charm and depth to your home’s exterior, and a fresh coat of paint can make them really stand out. Choose a color that complements your home’s overall palette but don’t be afraid to go bold—contrasting colors can draw attention to your windows and add a playful character to your facade.

Also, using a durable, weather-resistant paint will ensure your shutters look great season after season, protecting your investment and keeping your home looking sharp.


Don’t overlook the trim! It frames your home’s features and, when painted well, can make your walls and windows pop. Lighter or contrasting trim colors can highlight your home’s best architectural features, making it look more refined and structured. It’s amazing what a difference a little paint on the trim can make, giving your whole house a neat and finished appearance.

Plus, using high-quality paint on the trim not only boosts curb appeal but also provides an extra layer of protection from the weather.

Garage Doors

Think of your garage door as a big opportunity for a mini-makeover that packs a major punch. Since garage doors take up a sizable chunk of your home’s façade, painting them can greatly impact your home’s overall look.

Go for a color that either blends seamlessly with your home’s exterior or choose a contrasting shade that adds a bit of drama. Good quality paint will not only beautify the door but also protect it from the elements, keeping it looking good as new for years to come.


Siding covers a large area of your home’s exterior and, naturally, plays a big role in its curb appeal. Whether you’ve got vinyl, wood, or fiber cement, the right paint can turn drab into fab.

Opt for colors that suit the style of your home and your neighborhood’s vibe. Light colors can make your home appear larger and more inviting, while darker hues offer a striking, modern look. Remember, the best paint for siding is one that stands up to the weather and keeps your home looking great with minimal maintenance.

Porch Floor

Your porch floor is also an opportunity to introduce some creative flair. You could go traditional with natural wood stains or get adventurous with patterns or bold colors. Durable porch paint or outdoor floor paint can withstand foot traffic and weather challenges, ensuring your porch continues to welcome you home with style. Plus, it’s a relatively easy project that can make a big difference in your porch’s appeal.


Don’t forget to look up! The porch ceiling is often overlooked, but it’s a perfect canvas for adding a surprising splash of color. Light blues are popular as they mimic the sky and create a serene, open feel, but you can choose any color that complements your home’s exterior. A well-painted porch ceiling can make the space feel brighter and more inviting, setting the tone for the rest of your home.


flower garden

These small details can add big personality to your porch and garden. Painting your planters in vibrant colors or sophisticated hues can tie together your home’s exterior color scheme or add contrast that catches the eye. Since planters are exposed to various weather, choosing the right paint to handle moisture and temperature changes is key to keeping your colorful planters looking great.

Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor furniture is part of your home’s overall charm. Why not give those chairs and tables a little TLC with a splash of paint? Whether you choose bold, bright colors to create a fun, inviting space or opt for classic shades for a more subdued, elegant look, the right paint can completely transform your outdoor setting. Use paints specifically designed for outdoor furniture to ensure they stand up to the sun and rain, keeping your setup looking fresh and fabulous.


Let’s talk about the smaller details—like your outdoor decor. Items like exterior lighting fixtures, garden statues, and even birdhouses can make your home feel personalized and well-cared-for. Painting these elements to match or contrast with your home’s color scheme can tie your outdoor aesthetic together beautifully. It’s amazing how these little touches can elevate the overall vibe of your outdoor spaces.


And don’t overlook the hardware! Things like door handles, knockers, light fixtures, and even house numbers can be small but mighty players in increasing your curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint on these fixtures, or replacing them with new, stylish ones that complement your home’s architecture and color scheme, can make a subtle yet significant difference. Metallic finishes like bronze, brass, or matte black can add a sleek, polished touch.


Who knew a little paint could go a long way in transforming your home’s exterior? From the broad sweeps of siding and garage doors to the tiny details of planters and hardware, every brush stroke adds value and style.

Whether you choose to DIY these paint projects or call in the experts at Custom Painting Inc., you’re investing in your home’s future and your enjoyment. Remember, the best looking homes on the block don’t just happen—they’re painted with intention and care. Ready to pick up that brush or need a professional touch? Contact Custom Painting Inc. today by calling 925-686-0903 or by filling out our contact form. Turn your home into the jewel of the neighborhood.