Interior Painting Inspiration When Doing House Painting

When it comes to interior paint choices, many people prefer neutral colors for their walls and let their furniture and décor take center stage. After all, neutrals like whites and beiges are safe backdrops and can easily serve as a blank canvas for interior decoration. But if you want your walls to have more personality, we’re here to help. 

How to Find Inspiration for Interior Home Painting

Initially, you might be overwhelmed by your endless color options, so here are a few ideas so you can be inspired and decide what to do for your interior house painting project: 

1. Let your personal favorites be an inspiration

What’s your favorite color? What is your favorite flower? Or your favorite holiday or season? You can apply these inspirations for interior house painting. Since this is your home, it should reflect your personality. From there, choose hues that would work. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination; let your creativity flow through when painting your home’s interior.

2. Be inspired by the great outdoors

Perhaps you want to go outside and gather inspiration for your interior house painting. Look for design inspiration when you go nature-tripping. Plenty of things in nature can easily be used to dress up a room, including colors, styles, and patterns.

You can start by picking your favorite place in nature. Is it atop the mountains with views of dark green forests and light blue sky? Or is it by the beach with the pretty sandy beige and bright turquoise filling the picture? Perhaps it’s by the gardens with colorful flowers in bloom? Look to your favorite vista spots for inspiration. 

3. Get inspired by other people’s homes and showrooms

Visit the house of a friend or a neighbor. Make a mental note of things you want to emulate in your home, like colors, designs, patterns, and styles. When you go shopping, you may also want to pick out design ideas from furniture stores and showrooms. As they display their furniture, they usually have a fitting backdrop for it. 

Stylish scandinavian kid room interior with toys

4. Get interior painting inspiration online

You may also get inspiration for interior house painting from the comfort of your home. Browse online, and you can easily find design and color inspirations with a quick search. Just enter the color or design you are interested in, and you will see endless results. These will feature different color and design options, tips, and photographs of interior spaces that you might want to imitate. Also, Pinterest and Instagram offer many interior design inspirations, and you may find the perfect hue you want to get for your interior walls. 

5. Browse home design magazines

You can surely be inspired by magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens, House Beautiful, Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Southern Living, or Houzz. These publications also have websites that you can browse for free, so you don’t need to buy magazines.

6. Watch home improvement shows

Television show sites such as HGTV, This Old House, and DIY Network offer similar house painting tips on their television shows. You can watch episodes of their home improvement shows and see a home interior you like. Plus, the websites associated with the shows may have interactive design pages that allow you to choose colors and designs and apply them on a virtual wall. This is a big help if you want to see how a particular color would look when painted on your interior walls.

7. Check the websites of paint brands

Don’t forget to check the websites of paint brands like Sherwin-Williams, Valspar, Behr, Dulus, Glidden, Resene, and others. Most of these sites have color wheels, suggestions, or interactive design pages where you can pick a color and apply it on the virtual wall. They also have endless pages of interior design inspiration that you may want to emulate, starting with paint colors and finishes. 

8. Get inspiration from a house item you love

If you have a couch, a painting, a vase, or a quilt whose colors draw you in, why not make it the inspiration for your next wall color? Choose a color or two that serves as a nice backdrop for it. For example, if you have a soft pink statement couch in your living room paired with a gold-framed painting on top of it, you may want to paint your wall dusty blue or pastel green to provide a cool, contrasting backdrop that will make your furniture and décor pop. Or, if the abstract painting on your wall is mostly dark colors with yellow details, you may want to find a yellow shade that matches that detail to match the artwork. 

Interior concept of memphis design colorful

Tips when Deciding Interior Painting Colors

Once you get inspired and have an idea of what you want to achieve with your walls, here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure you’re making the right choice:

1. Consider the trends and your personal taste

When choosing paint colors, balance the current trends and your personal taste. This way, your house will look both contemporary and comfortable. These past years, homeowners have been drawn to a palette that balances classic influences with bold innovation. This includes earthy tones and serene blues—popular hues that are soothing and relaxing.

However, it’s best to inject personal favorites or bolder hues to add character and make your space truly unique. This way, your house looks fresh and up-to-date but still feels like an extension of yourself.

2. Consider the room’s function

When you’re picking a paint color for a room, start by thinking about what the room is for. Take the kitchen, for example. It’s not just where you cook – it’s a spot where you gather with your friends and family. Because of this, you might want to go for warm neutrals or earthy tones. These colors are welcoming and make people want to hang out; they go well with your cabinets and make the room feel cheerful. 

So, before you decide on a color, think about the room’s purpose and the mood you want to set. You can also choose to keep the color consistent across several rooms to simplify things and enhance the flow of your home.

3. Experiment with paint finishes

Choosing the right paint finish—like eggshell, satin, matte, or gloss—can make a big difference in your room’s look. It’s a good idea to test out different finishes to see how they look in your space before making a final decision. Don’t be afraid to test first before committing to a paint color.

4. Combine your paint

Once you’ve picked your color and finish, and if you’re painting large areas or multiple rooms, mix all the paint you’ll need in one big bucket to keep the color consistent throughout. This prevents slight variations in color between different cans. Yes, even if you’re using the same paint color from the same brand, paint color can still vary. If you’re a frequent home DIYer, you may have already experienced this: one wall looks slightly different, even if you used the same color and brand. 

And a quick tip: cover your paint and tools if you’re switching between them to keep them from drying out and messing up your finish.

5. Consult a professional

Another excellent option is to discuss your interior painting ideas with professional painters. They will most likely provide suggestions, and even if they don’t, they can still help you get the best quality painting done for your interiors. 

Custom Painting, Inc. can help you achieve the interior look that will make you happy and satisfied, taking into account your personal preferences and practical considerations. If you need interior painting tips from experts, you can set an appointment with Custom Painting, Inc. and let them check out your space and give you an estimate. Call us at 925-686-0903 or leave us a message