Learn to Control Mold and Mildew before House Painting in Concord

Learn to Control Mold and Mildew before House Painting in ConcordWhen house painting in Concord, mold and mildew are of particular concern. Homeowners and painters fully understand that mold and mildew grow and breed in damp, dark areas. Mold spores adhere to clothing and can be brought inside the house. It is safe to assume that no matter how it’s done, mold can be seen everywhere. It’s important to keep a house maintenance schedule to prevent moisture which is the key cause of mold and mildew.

When there are parts of your house that should be repaired, it is best to do so as soon as possible. Fix leaks around windows, roof flashings, and doors as well as any plumbing leaks to keep out the moisture from going into the walls. Check that your house has proper ventilation through the roof, as well as maintain cleanliness of exhaust fans bathrooms.

Despite those steps taken, mold and mildew may still appear. Before you embark on your house painting in Concord, it is important that mold and mildew be totally removed. Mold will flourish in porous materials including drywall, as well as flat latex paints or wood. A simple coat of wood will conceal the mold for a while. However, it will still grow in microscopic crevices, and over time it will appear on the surface of the paint. Mold feed on the breakdown of the paint. When mold re-grows it will be necessary to do double cleaning on the surfaces to remove them, and then re-painting the surfaces. Mold isn’t always a dark color. One way to determine mold is to clean the surface with bleach. If you notice the surface lighten and it can be simply removed, that means its mold.

However, there is also a growing concern about using bleach to get rid of mold. Bleach is toxic, and may not really prevent future mold from growing especially on surfaces that are porous. Vinegar and Borax are safer solutions to remove mold, and they are also a good mold inhibiter. Mix together one part borax and two parts vinegar in bucket of warm water, then wipe or spray the surface thoroughly. You must not rinse the area because any moisture that is left will actually promote future mold growth.

The same solution of water, borax and vinegar should also be used when you clean the area with a pressure washer when you prepare your house’s exterior for painting. Cover plants before pressure washing with this solution. Afterward, allow your home’s exterior surface to dry before you begin painting.

Check the areas to ensure the culprits causing the mold are gone. Add caulk around doors and window frames. Re-caulk cracks and crevices around shower fixtures and bathtub tiles. If condensation takes place on leaking pipes, proper ventilation is also recommended. If there are any holes found on the drywall, seal them as soon as possible. Ensure that all house soffit vents are amenable for proper home ventilation. For the bathroom ceiling’s fan blades, clean them by vacuuming and wiping the accumulated dirt off. Test the blocks on the basement wall for condensation that leads to dampness which causes mold and mildew.

Check crawlspaces underneath your home to ensure if they have proper drainage. When you are still not certain, hire a professional to do repairs and painting. Professional painting contractors in Concord are highly trained to identify areas that have been susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Installing a home dehumidifier may help control future mold issues.

Once the area has been properly repaired, cleaned and thoroughly dried up, you can start house painting in Concord. It is strongly recommended that you prime your walls before you actually begin to paint. Priming will also help seal the walls to inhibit possible spores from growing. Paint companies manufacture paint with anti-mold and mildew additives. It is important to clean the home’s surfaces before you use these paints.

In case you find any leftover stains that are seeping through, it is necessary to apply the surface with a second and possibly a third coat of paint. Be sure each coat is allowed to thoroughly dry before applying additional layers.

When the surface is thoroughly primed, apply one or two coats of paint that is especially formulated for specific areas. Make sure that you buy only the best quality paint to save you from further expenses and effort in the future. Proper procedures in house painting in Concord will ensure you not only of a more beautiful home, but also of a safer place to live in.