Is It Time to Consider House Painting in Concord?

House painting in Concord is something that homeowners will need one day. Every homeowner has his or her own reasons why it’s about time to consider house painting. Their decision may depend on the condition of the house or personal specifications and preferences.

When the time comes that homeowners need to paint or repaint their own homes, they may do the task themselves or hire a professional paint contractor to do the painting for them. It’s very important to hire a contractor who is legitimate to do the job. Choosing an unlicensed painter may result in problems, which can include issues regarding payment to a shabby painting job. Hiring a legitimate, fully licensed and insured painting contractor will minimize these risks, if not completely eliminate them.

Here are the following reasons why homeowners in Concord feel that it’s high time to consider painting their home:

1) It’s time for a change

It is possible that some homeowners will paint their home simply because it’s time for change. Since they own the property, they can change the color of their home whenever they like. This applies especially when the look of their homes has been the same for a long period. Only a fresh coat of paint will make the home seem new again. People living in historic neighborhoods may have to consult a homeowners association to be sure it is alright to paint the home and any possible restrictions as to the paint colors that can be used when repainting.

2) The current painted surface looks bad

Paint will deteriorate over time. This means that it’s time to repaint. In some gated communities or those of historical homes, homeowners may experience pressure to update the look of the home just to keep the neighborhood appealing. Not complying may even result in fines against them. Whether the homeowners association is putting pressure on the homeowner or the homeowner decides that repainting is needed, having the painting done quickly may be a good idea.

3) The homeowner desires it

All houses that are repainted don’t have to be damaged or in disrepair in order to have painting done. Sometimes, a homeowner simply feels that it’s time to have the house painted because the homeowner wants it. He or she may just want to have a new paint color, for instance. It’s also up to the homeowners if they want to do the house painting or hire a professional, fully licensed and insured painting contractor to do the work.

House painting is governed by several factors: when it’s time for a change, when current painted surfaces looks bad, and when the homeowner wants it. Whatever the reason, it is within the homeowner’s rights to paint or repaint the house when it’s needed or when they want to have it done. For instance, if the homeowner wants to change the color of their home, they can replace the current paint color with a new one when house painting in Concord.

House Painting in Concord Instead of Remodeling

House painting in Concord can help people who want to change the look of their house, even if they want to do so radically. Perhaps they would like to change the appearance of their home; tough financial circumstances mean they can’t create the makeover they want. Those who are quite frugal can give their homes a new look by painting their home.

How is that possible? New paint will tremendously improve how your home looks. Whether you choose a vibrant, vivid paint color or opt for softened, toned-down hues, a fresh coat of paint can magically transform your Concord home, inside and out.

Paying for a remodel can be expensive, but in the past it was doable. Things have changed recently because of an unstable economy. While people these days want to upgrade the look of their home, they often face tough decisions due to their difficult financial situations.

Even if homeowners have the needed money it’s still not a good idea to spend it on remodeling their home, especially if they may sell their property within the next five or so years. They may not able to retrieve their investment as soon as they hope when they sell their remodeled home because the economy is still struggling to recover. If they really want to upgrade the look of their home without remodeling, and without bothering to have their homes demolished, a fresh coat of paint will often do the trick.

One of the best things about paint is that it comes in an endless variety of colors. Walls can be painted or re-painted in accordance to the property owner’s needs or preference. Because paint comes in such a range of colors, property owners may assign a different paint color for each room if that is what they want. Although this is not a good idea for some, it’s certainly an option. Or if they wish, they may give their home a flowing, uniformed look with at least a couple of hues.

A property owner’s preference should be one of the major considerations when applying paint. Another factor to be considered is the style of the house, furniture or decor, the color of the roof, or even the landscape of the property. If someone can’t do the project by their own and cannot decide which paint colors fit their own homes, it’s always a good idea to hire an experienced, professional contractor to do the house painting in Concord. They will do a wonderful job and make your home look different with your hard-earned money.

Since there are many painting companies in Concord, it is wise to know which are properly bonded, licensed, and insured. It is best not to pick someone who may be pretending to be a painter or have a painting company and find out they just to take your money. Ensuring a painting company has the licensing and insurance required by law will help you avoid this problem.

Hiring a painting contractor who’s bonded, licensed and insured will also protect homeowners if something goes wrong during the time they painters are on your property. Homeowners will never have to pay for the damages, or be sued by the painter, if an accident happens. They should choose a painting company who also has a good reputation for providing quality service and workmanship.

Remember, when a person wants to have a home makeover but doesn’t have money to remodel, there are alternatives. A very good alternative to freshen up the look of your home is house painting in Concord.

When House Painting in Concord, Can You Request Non-VOC Paints?

When you are about to start house painting in Concord, should you ask your painters to use non-VOC paints, especially when they don’t regularly use them?

More and more homeowners are becoming aware of the importance of quality air, especially those of the indoors. That’s why so more people are using low-emission paints such as VOC paints that can help to improve indoor air quality. It can also provide health benefits for those who spend a large amount of their time inside their homes.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there is at least three times more air pollution indoors than outdoors. Much of this is due to the paints and finishes that are applied on the walls. Most of these paints and finishes emit low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can negatively affect indoor air quality for many years.

As people are more environmentally conscious these days, in addition to the new environmental regulations, many low- or non-VOC paints are now available and in demand.

If professional painters in Danville or the surrounding areas haven’t used low- or non-VOC paints before, you can request them to use them when they paint your home. Chances are painters will be willing to use them. There are a number of good benefits from using these paints, especially non-VOC paints, for both the homeowner and the painter. The benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Those with allergies or chemical sensitivities in particular will benefit from low- or non-VOC paints as they have reduced toxins.
  • Reduced toxins are also good for the environment. These toxins will stay out of landfills and groundwater when they’re cleaned up, washed away, or when throwing away the paint can.
  • Low- and non-VOC paints are as good as VOC paints when it comes to quality and performance. They are durable, easy to clean and scrub, and cover the flaws from previously used VOC paints.
  • All low- and non-VOC paints are water based, which makes them easy to clean with just soap and water.
  • Low and non-VOC paints emit no hazardous fumes, and off gassing is not a concern. It means that they are safe for those who intend to stay longer indoors.
  • Since the EPA states non-VOC paints are non-hazardous, it is safe to dispose of the paint cans.

To give you more options for choosing low- or non-VOC paints, consider these options:

  • Natural paints. These are made from natural materials such as plant oils, mineral dyes, beeswax, clay, chalk, or other natural ingredients. These are considered the healthiest paints for you as well as for the environment.
  • Zero VOC paints. These are paints that have less than 5 grams of VOC. Adding a color to VOC paints will increase the paint’s VOC levels to 10 grams, but it can be no longer considered as “Zero VOC”.
  • Low VOC paints. This type of paint that has VOC levels of not more than 200 grams per liter, according to the EPA. Most low VOC paints contain no formaldehyde or heavy metals, and use water instead of petroleum-based solvents as carriers.

If you care about your own health, as well as the health of your family and your environment, consider a switch to non-VOC paints when house painting. You can request painters in Danville and the surrounding areas to use non-VOC paints if they haven’t used them before. If they are not willing to use low- or non-VOC paints, you may look for others who will use them when house painting in Danville.