Commercial Painters Dublin – Areas Best Left to Professionals

DIYers may do paintwork in one room or do some minor paint touch-ups. Most of us can do an okay enough job of painting a room. However, there are certain areas of a painting job that can be best left to professional commercial painters in Dublin.

Removal of lead-based paints

There are commercial buildings, specifically those built before 1978, that may have remaining traces of lead-based paints. The recent development of a rule from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) addresses lead-based paint renovation, repair, and painting in commercial and public buildings. This rule describes a more painstaking approach in identifying and assessing potential health and environmental hazards caused by renovations and repairs of public and commercial buildings.

Even minimal exposure to lead-based paints can cause major harm to one’s health, especially to pregnant women and their unborn children, as well as younger children. Frequent or regular exposure to lead-based paints will only increase such risk. Ingesting lead-based paint chips or inhaling lead-based dust can cause lead poisoning. It can lead to headaches, nausea, muscle pain, digestive problems, risky pregnancies, and partial or total memory loss.

If you are an owner of a commercial building that happens to have been built before 1978, and you want to have the lead-based paint removed, you should hire professional painting contractors to do the work. The removal of paint and dust, as well as the permanent encapsulation or enclosure of lead-based paint, must be done by a certified painting contractor. From the prepping work to the clean-up and disposal, he knows the proper way of removing lead paint without endangering his own health and the health of the tenants.

Cleaning molds and mildew

While removing molds and mildew is not complicated, it can pose health risks. Inhaling mold spores can inflame the airways, causing nasal congestion, coughing, wheezing, tightness in the chest, and throat irritation. These consequences are more likely to happen when you are regularly exposed to molds and mildew, or when you are removing them without wearing protection.

Also, cleaning molds and mildew may require solvents that non-painters would not have access to. If there’s a big mold and mildew problem in your commercial property that a simple cleaning won’t do, it’s best to hire a mold professional. He has the experience, skills, the right materials, and the right solvents to remove molds effectively. You do not have to trouble yourself with trying a number of regular anti-mold and anti-mildew products that may not work.

A mold professional also wears the appropriate safety gear and applies safety procedures when removing molds and mildew in your commercial property.

Working at heights

Commercial buildings such as factories and huge shopping malls often have very high ceilings, not to mention high-rise office spaces, apartments, and condominiums. Just looking up at them would be daunting enough for non-painters, much less trying to scale them to do the painting job.

Professional painters usually have access to ladders, platforms or scaffoldings to paint the higher areas of an indoor space. Mechanical lifts with guardrails and harnesses are more commonly used by painters to perform work at taller buildings.

Professional painting contractors are also trained to follow the correct procedures when working at heights. Choosing the right ladder, learning the safety techniques, avoiding electrical hazards, wearing the appropriate safety gear, keeping the work areas free from obstruction, etc., are some of the procedures that painters always keep in mind when working at heights. They comply with the health and safety standards while working in such conditions.

Doing other “special” jobs

Many professional painting contractors demonstrate extensive skills and experience in many other tasks which are different but still related to painting. Sandblasting, applying powder paints, finishes and special coatings, and hydro-blasting are some of these special jobs. They require unique tools and equipment that will allow them to perform their work fast and efficiently. Of course, only the professionals have the knowledge, skills, and experience in handling and operating such tools and equipment.

Commercial painting usually demands different types of work that are different from residential painting. Obviously, professional commercial painters have more experience than the average DIY painter. These pros know about the proper techniques which make them better painters.

In addition, some jobs may be too risky or complicated for any DIY painter to accomplish. These jobs require the use of special tools and equipment. Commercial painters in Dublin have the experience and training to handle and operate such equipment. They also have a better understanding of the regulations and standards that allow them to deliver quality painting jobs efficiently and safely.