Commercial Painters Fremont — Should You Wait Until Fall?

Commercial painters in Fremont seem to have the natural prescience regarding the right time and season to paint. But actually, this is no magic. They also have to rely on weather forecasts or wait for the right season to go out and paint without any issues.

Is summer the best time to do exterior painting?

For others, summer looks like the perfect time to go out and paint your house. Well, it is because it is hot, and therefore drying paint is typically faster and easier. While it is perfectly fine to paint your interiors during the summer because the weather is typically warm and humidity levels are lower, the issue is different when painting exteriors. It can get too, too hot outside. Not only it can be uncomfortable painting outside, but your paint also may not bind properly on the surface, which leads to obvious paint marks, cracks, peeling and “alligatoring.”

Plus, painting under direct heat can cause application issues — the extreme heat can cause your paintbrush or roller to become too stiff before you even apply the paint on the surface. So, you’re better off painting inside.

Therefore, should you wait until fall to paint outside your house?

Therefore, a lot of commercial and residential painters see the fall season as the right season for painting the exteriors. Here are a few good reasons why fall is the best to do so:

  • Less laborious work – Let’s face it, while most of us love summer to do fun outdoor activities, it is entirely different whenever you go outside to paint. The heat drains the energy from your body, which forces you to work twice as much as you normally would in order to get the project done on time. Plus, you encounter bugs which may bother you while working. With the fall season, temperatures are significantly down and there are significantly fewer bugs, making your work more comfortable and more pleasant.
  • Humidity levels – When painting outside, the acceptable humidity levels should play between 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. But if the humidity levels go beyond 85%, it would be hard for the paint to dry and cure properly because of the additional moisture in the air. That is why September to early October makes the perfect time to paint outside because the humidity levels have significantly decreased, while the temperature outside remains fairly normal until the middle of October. The lower the humidity, the faster drying of your paint finish.
  • Your house will look good for the holidays – We know that you want your house to look good for the holidays, but you don’t want to wait until it is too cold to do exterior paintwork. When winter comes, temperatures will significantly drop. Your paint may freeze, and it would be difficult for you to apply it on the surface and let it dry. Therefore, fall season is the ideal time to paint outside as the temperatures are not too hot nor not too cold and the humidity is still low to acceptable levels.

That is why a lot of professional commercial and residential painters choose early fall as the absolute best time for exterior painting. Painting a house or a commercial space tends to be easier, less of a hassle and even more enjoyable during this season. The weather is not as hot or humid as summer tends to be, nor too freezing as in the winter — therefore these are the perfect conditions for exterior painting. But if you can’t wait long for fall, you can go out to paint in the late summer, where temperatures and humidity begin the ease down.

Apart from the season, your location should also be a big factor in achieving the perfect paint finish. You can consult the best commercial painters in Fremont to see what is the best season to paint for your geographical location.