Make a Great First Impression with House Painting in Concord

Make a Great First Impression with House Painting in Concord You may have heard that cliché, “First impressions last,” which is true in many situations. This is no exception in the case of house painting in Concord, especially if you’ve put your house up for sale. People may have seen some of those “Home for Sale” signs that show off the interior of the house yet its exterior is peeling or has chipped paint, or the old paint that’s not well done. People who have driven past these houses might nod their heads in wonder as to what else could be wrong on the inside, if the owners don’t pay much care about the exterior.

Of course, many potential buyers care so much about the outside of a home as much as they do about the inside. Would you risk buying a house that looks ugly on the outside, even when the inside looks gorgeous? You wouldn’t, and neither would most potential buyers. To prevent this from happening, don’t short change yourself or else you’ll turn off potential buyers when you want to sell your home. The phrase “first impressions last” is quite true when it comes to your house’s exterior. It may end up making or breaking a deal.

Give your home’s exterior a nice, fresh coat of paint. You may do it yourself, but if you want a professional-looking finish and convenience, hire a paint contractor such as Custom Painting, Inc. Even if your home has gorgeous interiors, if your exterior has old peeling paint you may still turn off potential buyers. Custom Painting, Inc. is aware that exterior painting is the easiest, most affordable and most noticeable way to update the curb appeal of your home.

You may wonder, “Where’s the time to find a good painting contractor?” “Why the hassle?” and “Who can afford to have the entire house exterior painted by someone else?” Well, those are types of questions many clients asked before they found Custom Painting, Inc. The company is aware that both time and finances are of prime importance. That is why they use the best quality paint, employ only trained specialists, and are licensed, bonded and insured. You’ll get nothing but premium service results in your exterior painting job being done right the first time. What’s more, they keep their prices affordable without scrimping on quality!

Not only does a fresh coat of paint on your exterior enhance your home’s curb appeal, but it also protects your home from natural elements such as the sun, weather and moisture (depending on your house’s location). Giving your home a fresh coat of paint before it is overdue will not only save laborious prep work, but it will also prevent damage to your exterior surfaces (fascia, trim boards, siding, stucco). When these are damaged, it could be expensive to repair them. The damage can be avoided by painting the surfaces.

Usually, painting the entire home exterior takes about 2-3 days. At Custom Painting, Inc., you wouldn’t experience many inconveniences or interruptions in your everyday routine. You can still live in your home with no hassle while they do the painting outdoors. Their work is covered with a five-year guarantee on the workmanship and product. As for paint, they use only high-quality paints from Kelly-Moore Paints. When you are not sure about picking the right color, you can refer to Custom Painting, Inc.’s computer generated color consultation to help with your color decisions. This is included with every paint job. You can check out the color center online ( to look at color catalogues, gather design ideas, download demos for exterior painting and so much more. If you would like to try out a color on your walls as a sample, contact Kelly-Moore Paints at 1-888-KMCOLOR or send an email to

A new, well-finished and attractive exterior is the key to impressing potential buyers and finding one in a short space of time. This is what you will want remember when you do house painting in Concord.